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Bad Experience Akbuk with TRMA

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by pmcloughlin, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. pmcloughlin

    pmcloughlin New Member

    I am having a bad experience in trying to invest in a property in Akbuk through The Right Move Abroad. As with most agents they are charming until you put down a reservation fee, I now find that the so called 4 bed penthouse in Orient Court is actually a three bed flat that is going to have another room built on under a veranda roof after completion. The contract has to reflect a three bed flat but you are paying for a four bed, whether it is legal or not.
    I have questioned this seriously with the company and funnily enough everything has gone quiet. They have £2000 of mine which I may never see again.
    Does anyone have any advice?
    Has anyone had dealings with The Right Move Abroad and can help in the right way to approach them?
    Many Thanks
  2. DC

    DC Member

    Turkey is not an easy country to reinforce contracts it falls outside of the EU.

    Demand your money back. It is not correct what they are doing. If they are quiet or not you can send some people around to get your money back. You will have to pay the debt collectors a fee, but would be worth it.
  3. DC

    DC Member

    Not only is that a bad way to do business, it does seem that the company is PASSING OFF, which in lay persons terms is duplicating or copying a businesses name.

    ie. trading on RIGHT MOVE, the largest companies portal. ie. the bad service you get on this company could be implied against the big corporate brand.

    So you have 3 solutions
    1. Keep pestering them for money back
    2. Send some people around (legal entities, debt collectors)
    3. Report to right move as you had negative experience with them and that it may reflect on the right move business.

    Good luck. Is sad there are more dodgy agents than serious ones in the market.
    Is it time for regulation.

    Actually phil it is, you can actually get these people jailed. Please view an article I have in the spanish section.
  4. DC

    DC Member

  5. Lifestyle Residence

    Lifestyle Residence New Member

    Dear Phil

    Hello Phil
    Did you gone to see what you buying in Akbuk or it was a off plan.How much totaly you pay them.I think the reservation fee is refundable,but if you sign the contract then you may cancel your contract but you will lose some of your money.But you saying You bought villa they give you flat.How come??I have a construction company in Altinkum/Turkey.I sold many houses but I never sold viila looking flat.Can you understand me Thants the vay you go on them.How come they selling flat to the villa.And spoke with Michael he is the top manager.He will help you.He is in Cheshire office.GOOD LUCK
  6. pmcloughlin

    pmcloughlin New Member

    Thanks for that, I have spoken with Michael, he has helped us to transfer our deposit to another development nearby.
  7. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days Member

    TRMA - Altinkum

    I have often wondered this; perhaps you can advise others since you have been a client of TRMA Altinkum - Didim - Akbuk....are they genuinely a part of the greater company or are they just ripping off their logo? Their "office" is a part of a tiny apartment in a residential area of Altinkum.....which they share with a cleaning company......whenever I drive past I see one or two bods sitting on the balcony, feet in the air, smoking ciggies :rolleyes: NOT the kind of premises (or staff) that I would expect of a large company such as The Right Move Abroad :confused:
  8. Lifestyle Residence

    Lifestyle Residence New Member


  9. Lifestyle Residence

    Lifestyle Residence New Member


    Thats good news for you mate.Thats nothing to worry abouth it.If you happy the new one then go on true.Take care.
  10. kusadasisun

    kusadasisun New Member

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