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Damian George

New Member All,

Thought i havent been here for a while and point out a new opportunity. The credit crunch and global meltdown has presented a very unique opportunity;

Australian Property

The pound to australian dollar exchange rate has risen by more than 27% and you can now buy australian dollars at 2.6500+.

This means an average priced australian property would have cost $300,000 australian dollars in July this year would have cost in;

US Dollars - $288,000.00
Euros - E191,000.00
Pounds - £150,000.00

Today the cost

US Dollars - $195,000.00 saving 93k us dollars
Euro - E144,000.00 saving 46k euros
Pounds - £113,000.00 saving 37k pounds.

this can be a brilliant opportunity for the australian property market and especially since you can still get a decent range of australian mortgages.

Also the fact that rental prices are soaring in sydney to a rental property shortages make the opportunity all the more tempting.

so if you need to have a look start at Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - and give me a call if you need to buy australian dollars
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