Are top end UK house valuations stretched?

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A report by Lloyds Bank shows a very interesting insight into the top end of the UK property market where properties are valued at in excess of £1 million. Despite the doom and gloom portrayed by many in the UK, in light of the Brexit vote, there has been a recovery in the sale numbers

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There will always be certain parts of the UK property market which will not adhere to traditional valuation methods. Whether the reduction in the average selling price of properties over £1 million is due to a traditional valuation methods or simply a reduction in the buying premium remains to be seen.


Some of the recent “over exuberance” of investors in the UK property market seems to have cleared which is perhaps one reason why houses towards the higher end bracket have fallen in value. Human nature dictates we will over buy assets and oversell assets, the trick is to time your investment decisions to make the most of these situations.


It is interesting to see a slight reduction in the average selling price of properties over £1 million but in the long-term I don't think there is much to worry about. Spending a significant amount of money on UK real estate is a big step for anybody and with concerns about Brexit, currencies, etc can you really blame people for holding off? Also, with potentially fewer buyers there is less upward pressure on prices hence the reduction.