ap6 saidia apartment i need to take control please help



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I should of wrote this a long time ago. Myself and my father in law where purchasing two apartments in med Saidia from 2005 onwards but when we started to see delays i the build, problems ect we stalled and we where able to roll the monies in to just one purchase which is in AP6..... its a penthouse style apartment we completed the transaction a couple of years ago with FADESA. Neither of us has been out to see this apartment and we have naively brushed it aside. There has been some contact between my father in law (Terry) and a gent called Monouir but he seems to have gone on the missing list as no response to the last few emails.
We really need some advice as to the state of the site, if the apartments are vacant and if other people have been as complacent as us and what they have done to regain control of their investment and any advise as to what you feel would be the best cause of action or recommendation to a good contact over there who can help. The company ( Superior ) that we originally purchased through is no longer and we have no contact over there. We have all the relevant paper work but we have no idea of how to get access (get hold of the keys) I am going to travel out soon and I suppose this email is me casting the net for information prior to my trip.
Any info would be a great help .
Other questions I am curious on are is the development easy to sell ... what are they worth ....and if we where to sell who would you reccomend to act as the agent... And is it rentable and do you think it is a worth while investment if we holiday let....
Sorry about all the questions but all info is very kindly appreciated .. Thankyou from a silly property investor ;-)


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In response to your post I suggest you to read the articles with their comments listed below::
-Excelia London Meetings May 5th to 7th 2012
- Recovering Deposits from Excelia’s Saidia Mediterrania, Morocco
they are accesible on the web on Diarmaid Condon use google to find them



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If you have completed then you should have the keys when you signed the reception report. If not you can always get in touch with the managing commuty (syndicate) and they will allow you to get in and maybe change the locks.
For a new updates about the resort you can follow the updates at Saidia Med dot com as the entire resort is in the process of getting rebranded: Saidia Med.
If you need any assistance or help You can message me the reference of you apartements and I can get you exact contact details as i'm currently based in Saidia.

Hope this helps


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Hello John,

I was in a similar situation where i lost contact with the sales people with Fadesa/Excelia. Mounir is no longer employed with the company and he was replaced with a guy named Abdel. He's been very good and helpful to us, he's a honest person with integrity. He can help you with getting hold of the keys and other formalities such as establishing electricity and water etc... He can also suggest agents that can help with selling your properties or renting them out. His email is atoughrai @ excelia.ma (without spaces of course)

Good luck


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Mounir is longer working for the company he's been replaced by a guy called Abdel. He's been a great help to us resolving all the issues from snagging to completing to getting the keys and managing the property. he's email is atoughrai at excelia dot ma.

hope this helps