Anyone have property rentals in Poinciana, FL? What's it like?

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I live outside of the USA, and am thinking of investing in a Duplex in the Poinciana area, especially around Palmetto St. (I am no stranger to being a landlord, so I know what I am getting myself in for).

I spent a few days in the area speaking to neighbors as well as property management companies and they all have positive things to say. I also managed to find a relatively new duplex that is reasonably priced and close to schools and hospitals near Palmetto St.

However, when I go online and ask people what it's like to live there, the opinions given are discouraging. No one seems to say it explicitly, but there is a strong sense that all of Poinciana is a bad place, which is stopping me from making an offer on the property. I got that same sense when talking to management agents who don’t deal with Poinciana as well.

Does anyone have any rentals in Poinciana? What was your experience like. Thanks!