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Any idea about Almeria area

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by cade, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. cade

    cade New Member

    Does anyone know the Almeria region well? We are driving down from the Costa Blanca at Easter to take a look around. We would like a cheap long term rental. Not in the middle of nowhere, but not an apartment on the coast. We would like easy access to a town (I am a non driver).
    A cheap rental would mean my husband could give up his stressful job, so
    if anyone can suggest where we start our search, I would be grateful.
    Thank you
  2. joseph

    joseph New Member

    Any idea about Almeria area ?

    Hello Cade
    I live in the Alicante Province so cannot advise you on accommodation in Almeria province, but there are one or two members who do have property for rent on this forum.

    Try researcher, he seem to know this section well,

    Good Luck
  3. Eurovivienda2005

    Eurovivienda2005 New Member

    I know the Almería region

    But I think that Murcia has the same that Almería and much much more comodities,shopping centers,same beaches,better comunications,public transport,historically more attractive etc...
    I can help u to find something in Murcia.
    Contact me [email protected]
  4. Eurovivienda2005

    Eurovivienda2005 New Member

    Of course Murcia has much much comodities than Almería

    Murcia region has 1.334.431 inhabitants and in city center 409.810 and Almería region has 646.633.Make a tour around.
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