Any expats in Yiwu?

Discussion in 'China property' started by julio, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. julio

    julio New Member

    I am considering move for business position in Yiwu, Zhejiang.

    I have traveled there many times, but did not meet any full time expat residents from USA, Canada or Europe. Now, I want to buy a house and stay there.

    Would you mind sharing your experiences if you live or have lived there?

  2. kai

    kai New Member

    I came to work in Yiwu from London UK. So far i have seen very little expats if any from Europe or the US.... There are many expats from the middle east and asia.. but thats about all. Mostly people come for short business trip, very few stay.
  3. yiwu

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  4. yiwuman

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    New Yiwu expat website


    There are more and more westerners coming to Yiwu and the good news is that there is a new Yiwu expat website, please check it out:


    best wishes
  5. fuweihua97921

    fuweihua97921 New Member

    Apartment for sale in Yiwu

    Hi, I have an apartment for sale in Yiwu. I am local Chinese. Its 100sqm with three bed rooms. Pls contact me any time. (ywexp+ywexpDOTcom)


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