Almost Exchanging but have better offer


Sheila Allder

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I have received a better offer from a Builder who came to get a job done
before the contracts are exchanged. Firstly I sold through purple bricks and paid their fee upfront so I do not
Owe them anything. The current Buyer has really been difficult and I ended up going from 250 to 242. The builder has said he would give me 250. I am thinking of taking up his offer and actually said if he had any ideas about dropping the offer to a lesser amount at the point of exchanging, then I would pull out on
Principal. I am usually a soft touch and have given in to my current Buyers every whim so I am wondering if I should join all the others who exploit our very unfair method of selling and buying? Yes it will cost me my solicitors bill but I will at least get a fair price in the end.


Personally in a normal situation I would be reluctant to go back on my word BUT the first buyer has not exactly played by the rules so all is fair in love and war. Go for the higher offer if you are sure they will actually pay that price.


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There is no gazumping in Scotland but I think it is still allowed in England until contracts have been exchanged?

Conrad Paton

It's up to you.

There could be an extra £8k in it (minus costs).

Until exchange of contracts you can pull put of the sale/purchase without penalty to the other party.

You can always go back to buyer no1 and say..."I've received a new offer of £250k if you match it you can still buy it."

Maybe you would ne happy to negotiate a new price of £248k or something if it gets the deal done with buyer no1.

Just more options that's all. I cannot tell you what you should, and should not do.

Conrad Paton


Competition for your property, like @Conrad Paton says, should help to firm up the final takeout price. Whatever you do has risks, you just need to balance them up.