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    Characterised by beautiful golden sandy beaches, stunning mountain ranges and natural scenery, Albania represents an unspoilt, pristine environment. Thus far this jewel of the Adriatic has been a secret only shared among the more adventurous and inquisitive holidaymakers.
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    Tell someone you’re traveling to Albania, and you’re likely to get asked a couple of questions. “Where is Albania?” “Is it dangerous?” “What are you going to do there?” and most common of all, “Why?”

    The tiny, often misunderstood Balkan state is located across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, directly above Greece. The mountainous country is filled with pristine rivers and sparkling mountain springs, bustling cities and charming towns, and its rocky coastline stretches hundreds of kilometers along both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, providing stunning beaches that rival those of its better-known neighbors like Greece, Italy, and Croatia. But Albania’s status as one of Europe’s poorest countries and its slightly checkered past mean that mention of its name is more likely to elicit thoughts of riots and communist dictatorships than beautiful beaches and the vibrant café culture of Tirana, the country’s capital.

    But Albania is changing. Today the country is being built up fast by a people eager to recover from almost 50 years of an oppressive communist dictatorship and the unrest that accompanied its transition to democracy. Today’s Albania offers young, lively cities, incredibly beautiful natural scenery, and an extremely open and friendly people eager to show off their country, all at a price that can’t be found elsewhere on the continent. What’s more, Albania remains one of the few undiscovered paradises in Europe. But like Croatia before it, it’s only a matter of time before the wandering masses start to pour in. Here are ten reasons why you should buy your ticket, pack your bags, and beat the crowds to this remarkable Balkan nation.
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    Hi everyone,

    I know this thread is already a few years old, but I was wondering if there's anyone with actual experience with buying property in Albania?

    I'm currently looking at investing in apartments on the coast in areas like, Sarande, Vlore and Durres but it seems hard to find any recent articles or blog posts about the potential returns.

    I'm interested to learn how the market is developing today when it comes to demand for holiday rentals and how long the season lasts.

    Looking forward to suggestions or anyone willing to have a private chat about this.

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    Hi @martin_nl

    Might be an idea to drop the site owners an email (or hope they may read this) and ask them to do an article about Albanian property on their blog.
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    This post has got me thinking - which other countries are still stigmatised by their past when they have changed a lot over the years?
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    Most of the balcanic area is stigmatised and considered as dangerous but it's not the case anymore, it has developed a lot in recent years and the investment oportunities are good.
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    Are a lot of them now members of EU or trying to gain membership? This should bring massive financial support and could be a game changer.

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