Al Humaid City, Ajman - U.A.E.



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Al-Owais Heights humaid city Ajman

I received one mail from developer on 21st Dec. that plot has handed over to developer and now construction of the tower ll start in 10 days and in mail they told me also that only pay 3rd installment when construction ll start.


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Casa Dubai

I have some news from the "agent" i used called Casa Dubai today and its not good!

I regret to advise you that we have today decided to commence proceedings to put Casa Dubai into compulsory liquidation.

Any further enquiry must be taken up directly with the developer as we have let all our staff in our three offices go.

The official receiver will contact you when the due process has been concluded.

You may write to the official receiver – c/o Casa Dubai at our address below.

May I apologise for the problems this will cause you but the World Economic Crisis has had a terminal affect on our business, which was flourishing only four months ago. The sudden disappearance of investors in Dubai, the abruptness has left us no choice but to liquidate.

This decision was not taken lightly and only after considerable investment of our own was lost.

Yours sincerely


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Has anyone invested in Highfield Commercial Towers, Al Humaid City? If so, have you been given an extension on your next payments? I still have not received any contracts??

yes my friends have 3 floors there, any progress?


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Al Humaid city

Did anybody know whether the site leveling works started or not for Humaid City?


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Does anyone have any information on the rental market in Dubai?


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Al-owais Heights

Only the construction for Savannah Heights have started. Nothing else in sight!
I rececived a mail from developer yesterday that construction work of al-owais heights(HA-10) humaid city started.plz confirm


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Hello all. I am new to this site myself. I have purchased a studio in Al Owais and a friend of mine owns 2 also.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I am not impressed with the developer/marketting company's communications. I am told though that work has started and have pictures.

Has anybody else received this?

Also, does anybody know what protection we have as investors if the development ceases, which I know a lot of projects have seen?


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Hi guys,
I have spent almost AED 700,000 in Ajman, all from my savings of the last 10 years plus some loans.

There is no way to get anything out of it. But a lawyer advised me to file a complaint against AL OWAIS HEIGHTS, AJMAN. As now they are demanding for more payments. They haven't started consturction as yet. Just file a complaint in ARRA Ajman (Ajman Real Estate regulatory Authority). ARRA is now moved in Bank street in Ajman, close to Dubai Bank and behind R Holding office.

I have been informed that the Govt might take some action and transfer people like us in some projects to be handed over soon. The Govt. will only take action once they have a reasonable number of complaints. So please register your complaints and advise others as well.