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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by farren, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. farren

    farren Banned

    Hi Folks Can anyone tell what investments in Ajman hold for in the future good/bad all comments welcome.:eek:
  2. 00greena

    00greena New Member

    Ajman has alot of hype at the moment. Good points- everybody can afford it, appeals to people wanting to move out of dubai, just like dubai 15 years ago in terms of it bieng a desert. It has potential......Bad points- The traffic is hurrendous because of the sharjah bottleneck type road. There is no attractions or nearby work, no free zones near by and more importantly there is no power supply and no sewage infrastructure. The build quality wont be as good as dubai because of the lack of regulation. (no RERA or ESCROW)
  3. 00greena

    00greena New Member

    Email me on andrewgreenwood55 at hotmail dot com and we can arrange to discuss by telephone because if your thinking about investing I would like to give you some proffesional advice.
  4. sasherwani2

    sasherwani2 New Member

    email me at sasherwaniATgmailDOTcom .. all i can say is your in luck..
  5. Investoman_uae

    Investoman_uae New Member

    Oh here we go, email me email me email meeeeeeee..... are you people bored or lack social life. Dont force people to email you if they dont want to. :D

    On a more important note now:.... Farren, if you are interested in buying a Camel in Ajman, I am selling mine. Soon, all those developments will block Emirates Road... and the ONLY, I repeat, ONLY mode of transport that will get you to Dubai from Ajman in less than an hour, is my camel.

    Anyway, you can PM me but not email me. I stopped puttin email addresse in forums since i started getting alot of spam emails about you kno that pill that starts with a V.

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