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Ain El Sokhna Porto and Golf Resorts

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by Organics1, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Organics1

    Organics1 New Member

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if any of the agents on here are involved in or have any re-sales in the two resorts in Ain El Sokhna, Porto Sokhna and Golf Porto Marina.

    If there are can you please send me any information you have regarding apartments in these developments.

    If not, if anyone reading this knows any agents involved or any sites I can go to please let me know

    Warm Regards
  2. muhammmad

    muhammmad New Member

    amer-group official website

    you can check amer-group (the owner of porto sokhna and porto marina)

    www . amer-group . com

    you will find international call no.

    if you have more information about sales you can post here (ie. i think the company still have unsold properties and there is no need for resale)
  3. Organics1

    Organics1 New Member

    Shukran Muhammad,

    I will let you know how I get on.
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