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Hi everybody,

I am looking at relocating abroad in the next year or so with my family. What I need is some good advice on where to consider. I have some requirements below, obviously I don't expect to fill them all but some of them would be a good start;

I will have around ?70000 max to buy property (min 2 bed house apartment)

good education system

low crime rates

reasonable weather

Good standard of living

English speaking?

These are the main things I?m looking for, basically having spent my entire life in the uk I am getting sick of the ever rising cost of living, crime, bad schools, bad health system, rubbish weather, miles of traffic jams...I think you get my point.

These are probably the same reasons that many have for leaving this country, I just want to give my children the best chance possible before they get sucked into the 'hoodie' wearing street corner gang brigade.

Obviously I would need to work once relocated so this is another thing to keep in mind (I am currently working in commercial radio and educated to degree level).

I have bought magazines on the subject but to be honest I think I?ve reached information overload and it's all getting unclear.

If anybody has some real practical advice it would be really appreciated.

Many thanks


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Hello Quentin
Costa Rica has everything you are looking for:

- Kids can go to the British or European school until they are ready for university. These schools offer the International Baccalaureate which is accepted worldwide.

- You can find very nice homes (3 bedrooms, pool, gated community) in your price range, particularly on the east side of San Jos? - U$70.000 to $150.000 buys a lot of home here
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Hi Quentin,
Thanks for that Russ. It gives me a start and something to look at closer.

Is there anywhere that may be suitable within Europe, I hear a lot about Bulgaria and Croatia is this just hype or are they genuine possibilities?

As I said I am willing to look at anywhere really, as long as I can find property within my price range, schools are good and, well, things aren?t too much like England.
Many Thanks
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