Advice needed! Please Help !



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I would be very appreciative to hear some UK investors opinions on what you would do in my situation;

3 IP's in Luton;
1 studio - £ 75k ish (owe £0)
1 2bed g/f flat - £120k ish (owe £90k)
1 2bed 1st floor flat worth £120k ish (owe £30k ish)
both mortgages are Interest & repayment & always have been - (I dont get the 'IO' thing!)

So I am lucky to have equity & tenants in all of them. I live abroad & have a home with a small mortgage.

What I am asking is ...... in the current climate - would you recommend raising money on these properties & buying some 'bargains'...

I have not got a huge salary at all now , since I moved to the sun !

I have a wife & a 1yr old & we basically spend what we earn , but do not touch the UK flats or the money from them......

I hope this is enough info to base an opinion on ! Thanks in advance for your input !

Murrayo !