Advice needed on potential relocation

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I'd like to move abroad. I have a young family but don't have to worry about a job because I can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

I do have to travel a couple of times a month, to places like Madrid, Copenhagen, Paris, London or Berlin and would need to do that throughout the year and not just in the summer.

the UK is obviously a great place to travel from, with great prices and lots of availability on flights to pretty much anywhere if you can get to all of the airports in the southeast.

SO here's where I need your help please!

Does any other country in Europe have as good as connections as the UK for getting everywhere else in Europe?

I don't really want to be somewhere with a higher tax regime than the UK, though if the cost of living is much lower and the tax was about the same that would be fine.

I'd need access to an international school for my kids.

Where could we go?
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Hey Bryant,
Just about anywhere in Western Europe! Obviously your main criteria is to be near an airport. My place in Spain is 40 mins from Valencia, 55 mins from Alicante. I can leave there at 10 in the morning and be back in Warwickshire very quickly as the flight is just 2 hours.

You're very lucky to be able to work anywhere! Obviously the cost of living and property prices in, say, Bulgaria and Eastern European countries is much lower but I don't know much about the flight connections.

In Spain the cost of living is lower (as long as you don't live in the big cities) but tax may be slightly higher overall. Obviously I chose Spain. I intend to do a fair amount of traveling around Europe in the next few years and I had the connections you spoke of in mind also. International schools are no problem, although putting them into a Spanish school would mean depending on age they would be bi lingual in a relatively short period of time.

If you want to be central then I guess France would be your choice although I'm not sure what the tax level is there.

Let us know what you decide!
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Hello Bryant,
I suspect Spain is not great for direct flights outside of the summer tourist season.

My DH travels all the time and we actually nixed living in Portugal for that reason. We are still looking for the ideal place. Here are some suggestions:
Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Prague. All have international schools and the last three have lower costs of living, esp. Bratislava witha 19 % tax rate ( I think...I may be confusing with Latvia...) and Vienna only 30 minutes away. Budapest has Wizzair.

Anyway, just some thoughts. What else are you looking for in a new home?
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hi bryant . why europe the place to be could be anywhere now. egypt is agreat place to be for working and tax with a cost of living at a quarter of uk. and you have very good international schools here.

Lynda Saxton

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Move to France

I have lived in the south west of France for 5 years, the lifestyle is great, property prices good and it is extemely easy to get around Europe from here, there are fast roads up to the north and south, there is an excellent train service all over europe and from Bordeaux regular flights to all corners of Europe. The people are very friendly,there are very good schools and the health care system is second to none, you can have the best of all worlds.

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I agree with cade - we're tipping Bratislava very heavily at the moment.

I think that there are a lot more questions you need to ask yourself before you are able to make a final, informed decision though, including:

1. How important is the weather for you? Is nine months of sunshine a major positive for you?
2. How important is growth in property values for you?
3. Would you like to have a large expat population around you to socialize with, or would you really be glad to get rid of them?
4. Do you want to live in a capital city? Large town? Or go somewhere far from the madding crowds?
5. Is not speaking the language and not having many English speaking people around you going to be a problem for your family?
6. What activities are important for your family?

Relocating is certainly not a decision that should be taken without a lot of research, especially when kids are involved.
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