Advice needed on Deed problem



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I am buying a house in England which comes with a separate parking space. The problem is the deed for the parking space is still in the name of a previous owner who sold the house 22 years ago. This was likely due to an error in conveyancing and the change of ownership was not filed.

Can this be fixed easily or quickly? What are the options for fixing it? Does the vendor have to track down the owner (if still alive) and hope he will sign over the deed?

I don't want to buy the house without the parking space so if it cant be sorted out I will have to walk away.

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While this is just a paperwork issue by all accounts, how can the current owner sell the property with the parking space without ownership documents being in order?

It should be just a straight forward signing of documents by the former owner as the parking space would have been mentioned in the sale documentation when the current owner bought the property. However, leave the current owner to sort out this paperwork as there will be additional legal costs even if they are relatively small - not your concern.


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Thanks for the reply, I am hoping it is just a paperwork issue. I expect I shall find out in the next week or so. As it was 22 years ago I hope the previous owner is still alive and can be tracked down.