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    For the attention of all persons who have bought in Romania with a power of attorney. Do not permit your agent to enter you into an administration contract.

    We as a company charge 35 cents per meter and were horrified to hear some UK and Irish companies have commited investors to 1 euro per meter which is scandelous. However, it has since come to my atention that one particular company is entering clients into contracts of 2 euros per meter which equates to around 140 euros per month without even taking into consideration additional maintenance costs.

    I cannot streess to anyone enough the importance of independant advice in your purchase. These UK & Irish cowboys are ripping off investors and giving Romania a bad name.

    From your perspective, would you buy a property with a 140 euro per month charge on it? I do not think so, so bear in mind how you are going to sell yours with such a charge

    Davd Howe LLB. LLM

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