Additional 3% Stamp Duty on Buy to Let

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Michelle Barringer

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Has everyone picked up on this unreported element of the Autumn Statement - whereby form April all buy to let and 2nd home purchases will be subject to an additional 3% Stamp duty (even on property currently under the stamp duty threshold)
Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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Yes I think it's aimed at the inexperience buy to let sector as it will likely be capped at landlords who own less than 15 properties... something else to be wary of but if the deal is worth it then it shouldn't slow the market to much, it will perhaps just make the better deals stand out. Lets be optimistic!

Judith Beilby

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I am interested to hear thoughts on the best route to purchase. There is bound to be a rush to secure property before the April deadline but for those investors willing to wait until after there may well be more than 3% savings off purchase prices if the market for BTL cools as anticipated.


I want to buy the property on the basis of best criteria.Like near April month you can buy with 3% savings on purchase.else it's just depends upon the market rate when it will go down .