9pm ITV Tonight don't forget !

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Can someone make a torrent of it, then we can see it in Dubai!


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few observations:

50 million dollars for the england island in 'the world'

anybody see the 59 year old women? milf? lol

embassy club is opening up soon, now that will be worth a visit, plastic tits all around

i think the program on monte carlo next week will be more interesting


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Doesn't it just make you sick that someone can spend that kind of money on a pile of sand, when some of us are worried about our investments!?

I wonder how much Iceland will be? lol! Or Luxembourg, if its even on the map!

That businessman who bought the numberplate "93" for his Lambo, said the plate was probably worth 2 million dollars. Well, the DVLA auction here in the UK has just finished today, and the 2 most desirable numbers, "1 HRH", and "10", sold for, wait for it......., £90000, and £170000 respectively. Add on VAT and fees, and you're talking £115000, and £220000! Yep, welcome to credit crunch Britain!
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