$10MM and Up Real Estate Program Available

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We have direct access with with a unique program that will take real estate assets into a derivative trading program accomplished by a veteran derivative Trader in the UK.Derivative trading is a buy-sell program utilizing Secured Bank Instruments.The Trader does trading 5 days a week.No Trading on Holidays.

Business centers with which the Trader works are located in London,Geneva,New York,and Tokyo.

Real estate is defined as raw land,income producing real estate,principle owned land in ground asset.The Trader prefer assets located in North America and Western Europe,Mexico and Costa Rica. These are the only areas,they will not accept the Middle East or any other Third World Country,no exception.

Real estate must be owned Free and Clear currently,again no exceptions.Some debt will be considered but the max is 20% debt max.

$10Million is the minimum,if you are a direct Principal Owner or you have direct immediate access only,then contact me to get more details and to move forward.

This program has been around for close to 7 yrs.

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