1. Investing in logistic centers and industrial parks



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This year the demand for Romanian industrial spaces has continued to grow, especially for new-built spaces making the industrial sector the main focus of investors, due to its development potential.

The renovated spaces occupy second place in the demands list, and old buildings with very good location come third.

Since the beginning of the year the main attractions have been the logistic parks and the new constructions that are being developed independently. But the investors are interested in the renovation of old industrial spaces, in order to benefit from all the utilities.

From the investors point of view and future tenants, the extension of industrial projects continues in the north and west area of Bucharest.

Along with the logistic parks the construction of new apartments is expected to meet the increasing needs of tenants. The prices have evolved a great deal, a slight increase being registered for new and independent constructions. Cefin Logistic Park and Bucharest Distribution Park are two representative projects for this segment. According to experts the most looked after warehouses are the ones that offer facilities and modern arrangements, but also recent constructions, with a very large surface, of over 8.000-10.000 sqm.

The next period will be fruitful for investors on the lookout for emerging opportunities as a series of large industrial constructions will be delivered to the market, especially in Bucharest. Because of its great potential and room for development the industrial segment will attract lots of investors in the upcoming months.


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