Adding value to a detached home

Many people seem to focus on redecorating and revamping the inside of their property when looking to sell. Even though there is nothing wrong in sprucing up the inside of your property, do not forget the outside of your detached home. Let’s face it, the first impression a potential buyer will have is how your property looks from the outside. As first impressions do last, a shabby or untidy outside may mean that a potential buyer does not even venture in doors.

Revamping the outside of your property

In general a detached home tends to have more land the likelihood is that there will be more focus on the outside of your property which is where redecorating/revamping could come into play. Whether this is something as simple as replacing the guttering, painting the outside of your property or perhaps replacing windows, while these opportunities do vary in cost, in many cases they will pay for themselves with a relatively quick sale hopefully at or round the asking price. When budgets are potentially tight even a quick repainting of the windowsills and other prominent features can make a big difference and breathe new life into a property.

A tidy garden

Many detached properties will have a garden which will vary in size but the fact is that there are many of us without so-called “green fingers”. If you have a passion for gardening then there is no reason why you cannot spruce up your garden yourself prior to the sale but if you have no interest then get in a professional gardener. It will depend upon the work required as to how expensive bringing in a third-party may be but, as we mentioned above, first impressions last and in some cases a tidy garden could be worth its weight in gold.

There are some people who are perhaps a little more ambitious with regards to their garden but remember, if you have expensive plants and trees, will the next owner have the same passion? Finding a balance between a tidy garden and an “ambitious” garden is certainly something to consider.

Property extension

Where there is sufficient land around your property there may be some mileage in researching the cost of adding an extension. Different people will give you different views on whether an extension pays for itself but do your research, check your neighbours and see whether they have invested in an extension. One potential problem is the so-called “glass ceiling” in local property prices which emerges in many areas. Would the cost of an extension take you above and beyond that glass ceiling price and potentially unable to recoup the cost of the extension?

Off road parking

Where possible off-road parking is something you should consider although there may be local regulations to address. The vast majority of motorists would prefer to park their cars off the road whether on a driveway or in a garage. The added safety aspect could in theory attract some potential buyers and increase the theoretical value of your property. Making your property look a little different from our neighbours, catching the eye of potential buyers is not always expensive but when done correctly with the appropriate detached home it can be extremely beneficial.

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