Sustainable Property Development: How Can Today’s Developer Make A Difference?

Property development today is not only about building according to demand, regulations, and tenant needs. Today’s marketplace and our environment demand sustainable property development to be part of every construction project. Whether starting from scratch or developing an existing property, considering suppliers and materials, adding green spaces and reducing waste are essential for developers to make a difference today and for future generations.

Creating a Better Future with Green Materials and Suppliers

In addition to choosing sustainable materials, property developments can ‘go greener’ by vetting the source of the materials and how those materials are constructed or mined. For example, buying wood from a supplier that replaces trees or offers recycled materials contributes to more environmentally responsible development. Suppliers who also consider their environmental impact with their equipment, like hybrid vehicles, also make a difference.

Another critical area for consideration is water conservation. Suitable water fixtures, low-flow toilets, taps, and showerheads contribute to environmentally friendly property development.

By choosing suppliers that use sustainable practices, recycled materials, or both, property developers can create a lasting impact on the property industry and help protect the environment.

Reducing Energy Wastage

An obvious opportunity to reduce energy waste in a development project is to ensure suitable insulation is used within the building. You can also reduce energy consumption through clever design and layout. For example, using skylights which provide extra light into your property may reduce the need for some artificial lighting or using motion sensor light switches will ensure lights are not left on longer than required. Technology like this can play a vital part in sustainable living.

Green Property Development

In this video, Nicholas Wallwork (Property Forum’s CEO) shares why he recently involved the expertise of an arboriculturist on one of his development projects. The video shows how he looked at the environmental appeal of the property with the use of green spaces, to add color and interest while helping the environment for years to come. Green space around a property also contributes to a healthier ecosystem.

Sustainable Electricity

Adding solar panels to a property provides a highly-efficient, sustainable option to produce electricity and reduce the long-term carbon footprint. Whilst this is a substantial investment, recent figures show that solar panels increase the value of property, and of course, the reduction in energy bills to the tenant is a huge attraction.


Of course, putting any of these practices into a project increases some of the construction and development costs. Because of this, it will either lower the profit margin or force higher housing prices to make up the difference. Therefore, when considering adding sustainability methods into property development or explicitly working on green property development, developers need to consider these costs and price out their projects accordingly. With an ever-increasing focus on environmental issues, it’s inevitable that demand for greener properties will only continue to rise.

Property developers who adapt to these green-friendly methods have the chance to make a difference today and for years to come. The more environmental factors considered now will help create a better world for generations to follow.

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