Five tips to ensure your property sells for the highest price

There are many very simple ways in which you can improve the attractions of your property and ultimately get the highest price. Selling a property can be a minefield with documents, legal work, etc but if you stick to the basics you should increase interest in your property and use this to negotiate the highest price. We will now look at five tips to ensure your property sells for the highest price.


While many people dismiss the term “curb appeal” as some kind of American jargon it should not be underestimated. If you put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer, as you drive into a property the first thing you see is the landscaping/garden. This will give you the first impression of the property and very often it is difficult to shake off a bad first impression. We are not suggesting you spend thousands of pounds on landscaping but ensure your surrounding land is tidy and appealing. The odd array of flowers and shrubs will also make a difference especially when they are in full bloom.

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is another area of a home which is not necessarily discussed in great detail. However, once you have walked through the door the entrance hall is effectively the route to the rest of the property. Some simple ideas to maximise the first impression when somebody steps inside your home include moving bulky furniture, paint in neutral colours and perhaps most importantly of all ensure there is good lighting. Good lighting in your entrance hall will maximise the appeal to potential buyers and a well-lit area always looks bigger than a dark entrance hall.

No clutter

Some people mistakenly assume that a potential buyer would want to see a “lived in” house when this could probably not be further from the truth. You should ensure there is no clutter when potential buyers visit your property because effectively they want to see what the property would look like if they lived there. It goes without saying, clutter always makes a house look untidy and extremely unappealing so don’t go for that lived in approach, go for that clean crisp canvas which a potential buyer can use for their own ideas.


Again, some people may mistakenly assume that having a friendly pet around the home will give a homely impression. This is a very risky strategy to use because not everybody is pet friendly and some people may be allergic to pets. Therefore, you should ensure that your property is void of all pet hair and ensure that your pets are looked after out of sight when people are visiting. Even if you have the friendliest pet in the world, someone who is allergic or nervous around pets will not stay very long at your property. Potential buyer lost!

Lighting, lighting, lighting

While we covered the subject of lighting for the main entrance hall, to give the best impression when people first open the door to your property, you should also maximise lighting right around the home. A dark and drab property with limited lighting does not compare favourably to the same property with brighter modern lights which bring a bit of cheer to a home. It is also amazing how much larger the correct lighting can make a property or individual room look to visitors.

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