Five top tips to a fast house sale

As the market out there gets ever more competitive there are some subtle things you can do to improve the chances of a fast house sale and at the asking price. We’re not talking expensive redecorating, or hiring professionals but simple things that all of us can do.

Staged rooms

A recent report confirmed that the majority of estate agents now “stage” homes they are looking to sell. In effect this means deliberately giving a simple makeover to the main rooms of the house in order to give the “right” impression. The idea is to allow potential buyer to visualise how the property would look after they had bought it. Estate agents all agree that the living room and the master bedroom are the main areas to focus on when staging a home followed by the kitchen and the yard/outdoor space.

Decluttering your home

Once you begin decluttering your home you will wonder how you managed to accumulate an array of products which are in many cases never used. As with staged rooms, by decluttering any room this gives the potential buyer a chance to see the bare bones and how they would be able to personalise it to their own taste. While decluttering can take time in a large house, it is definitely worth doing, and it can encourage a fast house sale.

Depersonalise your home

We all like to place our own stamp on homes so that we are as comfortable as possible. However, when you have “show-days” we would strongly recommend depersonalise in your property. It may sound boring to leave a rather bland “blank canvas” but this is what many people are looking for. If you have an array of photographs or personal items/decor sometimes this can overshadow the options for the home and individual rooms.

Removing pets during viewings

Historically many people prefer to go for the more homely look when selling a property. It is debatable but there is an argument that trends have changed in the housing market and depersonalised and de-cluttered properties sell best. Many people are now also encouraged to remove pets during viewing days as properties where pets have lived could put some people off. There is also the fact that with a pet dog or cat wondering around the focus can be taken away from the property. After all you are looking to sell your house!

Minor repairs

In the real world there are very few properties, no matter how luxurious they may look, which do not need an array of minor repairs. These are unimportant repairs which we can often put off until we have the time or motivation to sort them. However, if you’re looking to sell a property it is imperative that you carry out these minor repairs as soon as possible. They will improve the look of your property and first impressions do make a difference.

Staged homes

In some instances it can seem a little fake when staged homes are opened up to the public for viewings but is this really the case? How many times do people buy a property and then totally redecorate in their own style? So, staging a home is basically showing the property at its best and in some cases this may be a blank canvas to encourage others to put their own stamp on the house. There is nothing wrong in tinkering with a property in order to encourage a fast house sale.

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  1. Very helpful. I liked the idea of depersonalizing the house and removing pets before viewing.


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