Sonny and Cher’s former Owlwood Estate home available for $180 million

While Sonny and Cher had something of a volatile relationship their former home is also grabbing the headlines having been acquired for $90 million last year. There is an interior redesign plan ready to proceed which would appear to be the reason why it is back on the market at a staggering $180 million. This would beat the former county record held by the Playboy Mansion which was sold for $100 million. How has the property increased in value by $90 million in less than a year?

Owlwood Estate, Los Angeles

Originally designed back in 1936 by Robert D Farquhar this 12,200 ft.² home, which sits on 10 acres of land, has seen more than its fair share of famous faces. At the moment the property has eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms which gives you an idea of the size – oh and did we mention the guesthouse?

Marilyn Monroe lived in the guesthouse in the 1940s and prior to Sonny and Cher the property was owned by Tony Curtis. Described as a “Italian Renaissance style property” the proposed transformation revolves around an airy resort like retreat. We can only guess this must be a massive transformation of the property to warrant a $90 million uplift in the price paid less than 12 months ago.

Gated entrance

The gated entrance and the driveway to the property are regal like and offer a stunning view of the whole development. We can see the trees, shrubs, flowers and perfectly manicured lawns which surround this striking property. It really is not difficult to see why many of the rich and famous have chosen to stay or even own this mansion.

Dark wood style entrance hall

A large section of the property is dominated by old style dark wood panelled walls and dark wood floor which fit perfectly with the stature of the property. There is a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling and you feel as though you’re walking into a palace as opposed to somebody’s home! The entrance area leads on to an old style stairway with wrought iron decor taking you to the upper floors.

Living room/reception area

The dark wooden panels and dark wood floor perfectly complement the array of comfortable sofas and chairs together with the old style furniture. It may look as if you have walked back in time but it is refreshing to see the ceiling decor still in place and the traditional fireplace. There are few properties available today which retain the original personality of a home like Owlwood Estate.

Swimming pool

What is a celebrity home without a swimming pool? This swimming pool is set in its own grounds with an array of eye-catching pink flowers, well manicured lawns as well as a covered area in which you can relax in the shade. Large trees adorn the outer area there is a tile roofed summerhouse the size of a small guesthouse.

Contrasting rooms

While the old style dark wood panels are highly visible across the property there are also an array of rooms with more traditional white/cream walls. These have a different style of furniture and different design which will see the property appeal to more than one particular group of potential buyers. However, there is one common denominator across the vast number of rooms and that is a traditional fireplace.

Serious changes afoot

When the property was acquired for $90 million in September 2016 nobody could have guessed the plans that the new buyer had and that less than 12 months later it would be relisted for $180 million. Prior to the sale in 2016 the property had been privately put up for sale with a price tag of $150 million although it was never officially listed. We can only assume there was no interest when the $90 million sale was confirmed towards the end of last year. What does the future hold for Owlwood Estate?

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