Kathy Griffin relists Los Angeles property with $500,000 price cut

Kathy Griffin is as well-known as she is controversial having attracted widespread criticism when she posed with a decapitated replica of President Donald Trump’s head. It is amazing the lengths some celebrities will go to in order to grab the headlines! So, is Kathy Griffin struggling or simply selling up to enjoy life elsewhere?

Hollywood Hills property

In October 2016 this gated contemporary white painted Hollywood Hills home hit the market for $5.5 million (after Kathy Griffin bought another property next to the Kardashians for more than $10million). When you bear in mind the area, the relative value and the fact that many celebrities have not been impacted by any economic turmoil it is surprising there was so little interest. Fast forward to July 2017 and the price has fallen to $5 million but so far still no takers!

The sales blurb confirms there is a large water feature, chandeliers, terrazzo marble floors, a glass enclosed office and a games room. But there is so much more to this property……

Does controversy sell?

Everything that Kathy Griffin does is deemed to be an attack on Hollywood despite the fact she is more than comfortable with her finances. The property for sale has around 8000 ft.² of living space, five bedrooms and six bathrooms and was acquired for just $2.85 million back in 2006. It is believed that Kathy Griffin also acquired several adjacent properties to ensure the upmost privacy which is rather bizarre for a lady who courts press coverage?

The property

When you strip away the controversy, the negative headlines and the attention grabbing comments, this is a beautiful property situated on the Hollywood Hills. In the distance you can see the Hollywood sign as well as views over Studio City. The winding road ensures much sought after privacy for this large two-story mansion.

Entrance hall

The walls of the entrance hall are made from what looks like thin brick/slate which gives a very rural and rustic look. This contrasts with the tiled marble floor and garden-like area with what appears to be a green/blue marble feature. The entrance hall leads towards a very simple but stylish stairway to the higher floors.

Living room

The living room is also dominated by the marble tiled floor and the white decor colour of the walls and furniture. There is an eye-catching stylish and expensive table in the middle of the room complemented by a white sofa and chairs. This room opens up onto a balcony feature with two double doors yet there is also an array of large windows which let in natural light. There is a rather bizarre, stylish and eye-catching chandelier hanging from the ceiling which looks like shards of glass. Different!

Swimming pool

Who could live in Hollywood Hills without having their own swimming pool? Well, Kathy Griffin for one has not been outdone with this classic yet stylish outdoor area. Whether you want to sit by the pool, take a dip to cool down or relax in the lounge area, you will have the upmost privacy.

The views, the size of the property and a very private yet more than adequate swimming pool should help this property to be snapped up this time round? Well, so long as Kathy Griffin avoids more controversy which does not seem to be helping the sale of her abode?

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