Rhianna buys Hollywood Hills mansion for $6.8 million

In the past Rhianna has had a, should we say, chequered past in the world of real estate with various legal issues, capital losses and problems with stalkers. She must therefore feel that her new Hollywood Hills residence, which cost a cool $6.8 million, could turn out to be the real deal. The property is situated in a private gated compound and stands on nearly half an acre of land. After years of mixed results, we can only hope that Rhianna’s $6.8 million investment is the one!

The bare statistics

Before we look at individual rooms in the property it is worth noting the bare statistics which are six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms all encompassed in a Mediterranean style estate compound. There is a staggering 7130 ft.² of living space, high ceilings, arched doorways and steel framed doors throughout. We know that the property was originally listed as $6.99 million therefore Rhianna managed to negotiate a decent saving on the sale price. So, as we delve a little deeper what does this new property boast?

Relaxing in style

There is a delightful infinity swimming pool, spa and an array of lounging areas with views over the Sunset Strip. The outside area is probably the size of an average property, it is literally that big! Aside from the beautifully lit relaxation area and swimming pool there is also a full movie theatre (with a large screen) and a billiard room which opens out onto the outside patio. It is also worth noting that there is a guesthouse included but this has been decked out as a personal fitness gym with all the latest equipment.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom opens out onto a private room for relaxation with floor to ceiling windows offering as much natural light as you can take. The decor in this area is a light cream/white with complimentary dark wooden floors. The sales images also show a large screen TV and what looks like an inset fire. Cosy, airy, open plan with some beautiful views over the Sunset Strip – how do you create a mix like that?

Massive kitchen

The large kitchen area opens out onto a more formal relaxation corner but the kitchen itself is worth focusing upon. There is a T-shaped island in the middle, more than enough storage space down one wall with kitchen equipment located down the other wall. Extremely high ceilings add to the spacious design and you have to wonder how many people may be in this kitchen at any one time because the floorspace is huge. Beautiful!

Formal dining area

There is a formal dining area with a stylish table, chairs to match and a very fashionable rug. Again the decor is light cream/white in colour with an array of arched windows offering natural light. We can imagine somebody with a lifestyle like a Rhianna will be involved in many business meetings, what better venue?

Living area

The living area has a huge fireplace and mantelpiece, central table and large sofas across two walls. There is an interesting candle affect chandelier hanging from the ceiling which itself has some rather bizarre shapes and decor. It soon becomes evident that the house is dominated by white/cream decor and furniture with some contrasting dark wood elements. It is also worth mentioning the carpet in the living area which is difficult to explain – an array of different coloured zigzags although it certainly does not look cheap!

The open plan nature of the property, high ceilings, exquisite views over the Sunset Strip and the stylish furniture with subtle decor may not be to the taste of all celebrities but it has certainly caught the eye of Rhianna.

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