Harry Styles selling Hollywood Hills property

Former One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles has recently placed his Hollywood Hills property for sale after snapping up one of the much sought-after Tribeca bachelor pads. He has only owned the Hollywood Hills property for around 18 months but it seems that the pull towards the Tribeca region was just too strong. The Hollywood Hills property is up for sale at £6.6 million which is a significant jump from the £5.3 million paid only 18 months ago. However, apparently there has been significant renovation of the property hence the pricetag.

Multilevel three-bedroom property

With views over downtown Los Angeles there is no doubt that the 4400 ft.² “contemporary mansion” will be snapped up relatively quickly. The views over the Pacific Ocean are an obvious pull for investors not to mention the actual decor within the property. The property looks and feels like something out of the space age, highly personal and very modern. It is not necessarily the kind of property you would expect to be in the hands of a bachelor, more of a family home with luxuries.

Views to die for

Homes situated in the Hollywood Hills tend to have stunning views because of their height and position, looking down on Los Angeles. There is what can only be described as a luxury balcony with beautiful furniture, protective glass and an area in which you could live never mind relax.

Living area

The main living area is perhaps a little more colourful than other areas of the property with dark and light patterns complementing and contrasting. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows are a very nice touch because not only do they let you view the nightlife of Los Angeles but they also make the property look even more spacious. Looking at the array of chairs and corner sofa, and spacious living area, this is certainly a room which will have held more than a party or two!

Master bedroom

In the world of luxury it seems that contrasting decor and minimal furniture is the name of the game. This room is extremely spacious, has its own ensuite bathroom, full-length wall mirror and, you guessed it, an extremely large floor-to-ceiling window. How is it that all properties on the Hollywood Hills look out over Los Angeles with no other Hollywood Hills property in their way?

Stylish dining area

Again, the formal dining area is a contrast of cream and dark colours and while simplistic to look at there is something extremely stylish about it. All of the decor colours fit perfectly, complementing and contrast while offering both vibrancy and relaxation. Strange but true…..take a bow Harry Styles.

Chilling out

If you fancy something different from the indoor living area why not dip a toe or two in the swimming pool. The pool itself is enclosed with trees and flowers, is very secluded and private and like many of the rooms of the house, will no doubt have hosted a party or two.

Moving on

As we touched on above, Harry Styles has purchase a £6.7 million three-bedroom apartment in the Tribeca district of New York. This is by far and away the most sought-after region of New York at the moment and seems to be in the headlines every day. If he does manage to sell his Hollywood Hills property for £6.6 million this will just about cover the cost of his new abode. However, we very much doubt he is counting the pennies!

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