Rent Pamela Anderson’s Malibu home for just $50,000 a month

Continuing our Baywatch theme from our last article fans of the show might be interested to learn that Pamela Anderson’s Malibu home is up for rent at just $50,000 a month. She is obviously best known for her role in Baywatch but when it comes to real estate investment, Pamela Anderson is no fool. Indeed, real estate experts have noticed a trend when she acquires a property, one which might come in useful for future tenants!

A bathtub in the bedroom

Yes, apparently on numerous occasions in the past, when Pamela Anderson has acquired real estate property the first thing she has done is install a freestanding bathtub in the bedroom. So, no need to jump next door to the ensuite bathroom, no need to run down the corridor trying to avoid prying eyes, simply jump into the bathtub next to your bed.

Beautiful property

While the bathtub story has become something of a comic line, as we touched on above Pamela Anderson is no fool when it comes to real estate investment. Her Malibu home was redeveloped back in 2013 and not only is there a main residence but you also get use of a guesthouse with the two separated by an outdoor swimming pool. In total there are five bedrooms and three bathrooms and while the property is not exactly on the beach, there are some extremely good views from the second floor. There is a golf course nearby for those looking to play a few rounds during their stay.

The property also has a white piano, crystal chandeliers and stylish hardwood flooring throughout. So, what else can you expect for $50,000 a month?

A look around the property

Much of the property is open plan, as is the trend in Malibu, giving an airy and spacious feel throughout. The kitchen area is probably larger than you might expect with stylish slab stone countertops, the customary breakfast bar and every utensil you would ever need. The kitchen opens out into a more informal relaxing area with stylish white chairs and furniture to match.

Each of the bedrooms in the main house have their own deck area and each one has access to a central covered patio with fire pit, fireplace and hot tub. This area is surprisingly spacious and we can imagine there have been a number of parties held here.

From the outside looking in

Pamela Anderson has been pestered for much of her career by the paparazzi looking to snap that million-dollar picture of the award-winning actress. Therefore it will be no surprise to learn that there is a rooftop patio away from prying eyes and paparazzi. The property itself even looks quite “bland” from the front but this hides a very stylish, elegant and spacious home.

It is believed the property was bought back in 2008 for just $1.8 million although the 2013 remodelling was said to have pushed the actress into debt. Listed for sale in 2013 at a staggering $7.75 million there was minimal interest and the listing was withdrawn – possibly after realising the potential rental income of $50,000 a month.

Critics of Pamela Anderson may have assumed the inner sanctum of the property would be tacky and garish in decor but this could not be further from the truth. Stylish, open plan, airy and the signature bathtub in the master bedroom, perhaps $50,000 a month for this type of high-class Malibu home is not too bad value?

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