Gregory Bonann to sell prized Malibu beach house

While many people may not be aware of Gregory Bonann, he is actually the co-creator of the Baywatch TV series. His story is dramatic and exciting having worked as a lifeguard and saved the child of a prominent TV executive – one thing led to another and he was able to put forward his idea of a TV show based around lifeguards. Whereas David Hasselhoff has grabbed the headlines with regards to Baywatch, having acquired the rights when the series was originally dropped, it is Gregory Bonann who many see as the real driving force behind the series. So, what can we expect from his Malibu beach house?

An $8.9 million beach house

There are many beach houses in Malibu but none come anywhere near the $8.9 million dream home created by Gregory Bonann. The first thing he did when Baywatch hit the big time back in 1999 was to buy the house next door at a cost of $1 million. While many people left their Malibu beach homes relatively basic the same cannot be said of Gregory Bonann who undertook a major renovation project – creating the ultimate “beach lovers paradise”. So, what can you expect for $8.9 million?

Challenging local restrictions

If we tell you that the renovation programme took 10 years to complete you might begin to get an idea of what is on offer. This property centres around a beach lover as opposed to a beach observer and while the stereotypical outdoor showers, beach lounge and direct access to the beach are probably the first thing you see, there is so much more to this property!

Going against the general trend in the region, where the area beneath the property is left empty, Gregory Bonann created the ultimate grotto-style entertainment space. Complete with built-in lounges, flatscreen TVs, a spa and waterfall, not forgetting an outdoor grill, what a great start?

Keeping the beach theme

Throughout the property you will see driftwood ceilinged and walls made of pebbles, bathrooms made of beach shells and an actual staircase created out of beach pebbles. As you would expect, the majority of rooms have unbelievable views over the Malibu beach and ocean. Everything is clean and crisp with a lived in feel yet more than enough space to move around. In total there are four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, all spread across 7689 ft.² of living space. Built-in bookcases, custom ironwork and a rooftop deck overlooking the sea have certainly grabbed the attention of potential buyers.

Living the dream

This really is a rags to riches story, especially when you bear in mind that Gregory Bonann has been unable to disconnect from his lifeguard history – he is still a part-time lifeguard on the beach! His riches have allowed him to undertake an array of charitable work and he must still look back at Baywatch as something of a dream. A record 1.1 billion people a week worldwide were watching the series at its peak.

His Malibu beach house may look nothing special from the front, something like your stereotypical beach property, but under the surface, on top of the roof and right throughout the property you can see the excruciating attention to detail. Will he achieve his $8.9 million asking price? Well this really is a unique property and the real value is anybody’s guess!

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