Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian selling Brooklyn Heights condo for $2.2 million

While Alexis Ohanian creates enough of his own headlines with his company Reddit he is also the fiance of Serena Williams. As you might expect, this has created significant press interest especially with Serena Williams expecting the couple’s first child. Their life is obviously going to change a lot in the short to medium term and the sale of Alexis Ohanian’s Brooklyn Heights bachelor pad is one of many adjustments to parenthood.

Brooklyn Heights, 360 Furman Street

This Manhattan “bachelor pad” is 1385 ft.² with two bedrooms and two bathrooms not to mention the 13 foot ceilings. Official records suggest that the property was acquired for just $1.2 million in 2011 and obviously a $2.2 million sale price today would bank a profit of $1 million. However, we do not know if any major refurbishments have been carried out to the apartment and what changes have been made.

What we do know is that the property has its own open chef’s kitchen with priceless views over lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty!

The perfect bachelor pad

While the apartment is listed as a two bedroom property we know it can be converted into a three-bedroom apartment – which obviously expands the potential buyer base. At first glance the kitchen looks relatively modest for a $2.2 million apartment but this is before you appreciate the array of storage facilities, latest gadgets all of which are part of a perfectly designed kitchen area. Unlike so many celebrity properties there is no “kitchen island” although there is a breakfast bar with a sink and other facilities.

Open plan dining area

The beauty of this particular apartment is that while you will instantly realise its value, it still manages to retain that homely feel. The wood flooring perfectly complements the old style wooden table and storage facilities in the kitchen. There is shelving and pictures right the way through the apartment which tends to make the rooms look smaller than they actually are.


The main bedroom again consists of wood flooring but is dominated by blue walls and blue bedding. This light and spacious feeling is further enhanced when you take a look out of the enlarged bedroom windows and the beautiful views over lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. There is just enough furniture and shelving to avoid clutter while more than enough space so that you don’t feeling enclosed.


The bathrooms are extremely spacious with marble sinks, marble flooring and a marble bath. This is again perfectly complemented by the dark wooden drawers and there is also a shower unit. When you bear in mind the size of the property, and the array of rooms within, the bathrooms are surprisingly spacious.

Leaving the bachelor life behind

Alexis Ohanian has built up a fortune through his Reddit business which was acquired by Conde Nast back in 2006 – although he still maintains a seat on the board of directors. While Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams have dominated women’s tennis over the years it is noticeable that Serena has started to take a backward step to concentrate on her family life. The sale of this Brooklyn Heights apartment makes perfect sense when you consider the forthcoming changes to the couple’s life.

Many celebrity apartments offer minimalistic furniture, bizarre deco colours and a cold hard look. However, Alexis Ohanian’s so-called bachelor pad is spacious but homely, perfectly designed and he should have no difficulty finding a buyer.

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