Who paid $15 million for a Dumbo Clock Tower flat?

When you tell somebody that you paid $15 million for a flat in the Dumbo district of Brooklyn it just does not sound right. You do have to wonder sometimes who thinks of these district names and whether they think ahead and consider what impact they may have on business. However, it is good news for a mystery buyer who bought the three-bedroom penthouse in the waterfront district of Dumbo for $10.75 million back in 2006. So, what is so special about this $15 million penthouse flat?

Most expensive flat in Brooklyn

First of all this sale crystallises a $15 million record for a flat in the district of Brooklyn. While the property was acquired back in 2006, by a mystery buyer, it was placed back on the market in 2009 with a $25 million price tag. Unfortunately after no interest the property was withdrawn from the market but returned with a $15 million price tag in 2013. So, while still selling at a significant profit for the mystery buyer it sold at a 40% discount to the original $25 million asking price.

Clock Tower

The property is literally at the top of a Clock Tower which houses four separate 14 foot clocks which are set into the flat windows and visible for miles around. The penthouse has its own private lift and when we tell you that the ceilings vary but reach 50 feet in height you can begin to imagine exactly what you are buying. This property is housed high up in the skies of New York with exquisite views over the harbour, the city’s bridges and perhaps more strikingly, the Statue of Liberty.

It is difficult to get a full appreciation of what the property has to offer but when you learn it has white oak plank floors, a unique designer wraparound stairway not to mention heated stone floors in the spa like bathrooms it becomes a little clearer. There are three bedrooms in total but the master suite is a joy to behold with an ensuite bathroom giving you a view from Manhattan Bridge to the Statue of Liberty while you relax in your bath. The two guest bedrooms also have their own private baths together with recreational space and a balcony offering priceless views.

History in the making

Many people will be surprised to learn it took so long to sell this property and the price was so heavily discounted. Interestingly, both the seller and the buyer have chosen to remain anonymous although the party acting for the buyer has confirmed he is planning to live their full-time. It may have taken four years to achieve the $15 million asking price and it may not be to everybody’s taste but when you compare and contrast some of the recent property sales, for much larger figures, it does seem to offer good value for money.

So, the chance to live in the Dumbo district of Brooklyn in what is known as the Clock Tower may have passed you by for the moment. However, somebody is about to move into a property with the most luxurious views you could ever imagine together with four ornate clock windows so you will never have to ask the time again!


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