Rebel Wilson joins the Tribeca party

Rebel Wilson is the latest in a growing line of celebrities willing to shell out large amounts of money for a piece of the action at 443 Greenwich Street. The list of celebrity seems to be getting bigger by the day and now includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Meg Ryan, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively to name but a few. This is fast becoming the new place to be, privacy central and with only a small number of properties left there is every chance their value could increase.

Rebel Wilson pays $2.95 million for two bedroom apartment

Official property records show that a company by the name of “The Blue Bay Trust” has acquired a two-bedroom apartment at 443 Greenwich Street, Tribeca for $2.95 million. As this is the vehicle that Rebel Wilson used for her previous property acquisitions in Los Angeles, as well as her business interests, we know she is the lady in question. It would appear that somehow she has managed to negotiate a $1 million discount on the original near $4 million asking price. If she has then this is an amazing piece of negotiating bearing in mind the popularity of the building and the region!

It would appear that Rebel Wilson has literally fallen in love with New York since she filmed a movie there last summer. She will therefore be well aware that 443 Greenwich Street has an array of amenities for the residents which include a 71 foot indoor swimming pool, children’s playroom, a fitness centre, temperature controlled wine cellar not to mention the 5000 ft.² roof terrace. What’s not to like about this?

Just seven homes left at 443 Greenwich Street

Apartments and penthouses at 443 Greenwich Street are disappearing at a rate of knots as celebrities join the line to grab a piece of the action. Records indicate there are now seven homes left for sale with prices ranging from $55 million down to “just a few million”. Indeed it is worth noting that the $55 million penthouse has “increased in value” by around $4 million since it was first put up for sale back in 2014. We know the likes of Justin Timberlake paid in excess of $20 million for his property so who will finally snap up the $55 million bargain?

Rebel Wilson is no real estate fool

While many celebrities fail to maintain their riches in later life, Rebel Wilson now has three US properties with two earlier acquisitions in Los Angeles which complement her Tribeca two-bedroom apartment. She has a four bedroom property in Hollywood Hills which cost $2.2 million back in 2014 and a $3 million new build on West Hollywood which has five bedrooms. So, we are looking at in excess of $8 million in US real estate which has been acquired over the last three years.

We can only guess that her plus size women’s clothing business is going from strength to strength as she brings class and glamour to the larger lady. Who would have thought it, Australian-born Rebel Wilson mixing with the hierarchy of the US celebrity scene!

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