Another celeb falls under the spell of 443 Greenwich Street

Over the last few weeks we have covered a number of multi-million dollar purchases in 443 Greenwich Street, Tribeca. It seems that this old bookbinding factory turned celebrity apartment location has magnetic like charms. Apartments have changed hands for tens of millions of dollars over the last few months and the impression is that the last of the buying is not over. So, who is the latest celebrity to fall under the spell of 443 Greenwich Street?

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal, of “Brokeback Mountain” and “Nightcrawler” fame, is the latest celebrity to open his cheque-book. Now commonly referred to as the “it” building for celebrities we are starting to see the emergence of a common theme. Like so many celebrities before him, Jake Gyllenhaal actually paid over the asking price to secure the condo. The original asking price was $8.55 million but the eventual deal is said to have gone through at $8.63 million. This is a 2868 square-foot three-bedroom property with some breathtaking views. However, what is it about this building and celebs paying over the odds?

It seems that Jake Gyllenhaal has been looking for his dream real estate investment for some time now and is known as something of a real estate aficionado. He has turned up out of the blue at rain cast open houses much to the delight of other investors standing in the pouring rain. So, what exactly do people like Jake Gyllenhaal see in Tribeca?


While we have mentioned the amenities of 443 Greenwich Street on numerous occasions, it is perhaps worth refreshing our memory. Residents will have access to an indoor pool, landscaped roof terrace, Turkish bath, indoor parking spots with electric car charging facilities and last but not least a temperature controlled wine cellar. In all honesty it is not difficult to see why this particular property is proving to be popular. It has the look, the location and more than ever an array of celebrity neighbours.

There is no doubt that the celebrity neighbourhood which now consists of Meg Ryan, Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Styles together with Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel has put this building on the map. The fact that people are now willing to pay over the odds for a condo reflects the growing demand which is unlikely to weaken in the short to medium term.

Celebrities bring privacy and security

Records show that there are still seven units for sale in the building with another six currently under contract. A penthouse which was listed in 2014 for a staggering $51 million is now back on the market at $55 million. There is some serious wealth in this building!

It is also worth noting that celebrities tend to bring with them tight security and strict privacy. The building itself is safe and secure, there are amenities aplenty to keep you entertained and it is central to a vibrant social and nightlife. Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence recently acquired an apartment in the building and is looking to renting it out for a staggering $27,500 a month down from an original asking price of $30,000! Need we say more?

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