Real estate is just a game to Evan Sopher

The word is that Evan Sopher, a leading figure in his family’s New York and Miami real estate company, has placed his apartment at 445 Lafayette Street on the market at $2.99 million. This is a man who has great experience in the real estate sector through the Sopher Group but why is he putting his bachelor pad up for sale?


The word is that Evan Sopher surfs the Internet for properties as the general public would do for a pair of shoes. It would appear that after surfing the net using an array of property websites he came across a larger apartment than his Lafayette Street property. Apparently this property, situated on Greenwich Street, also has more outdoor space and he is quite literally in the process of buying it now. Bored, maybe, stupid, no!

It is a little disingenuous to suggest that this property was acquired via boredom because this is a man who has his finger on pulse of the real estate markets and knows value when he sees it. We can only assume that this new property on Greenwich Street offers better value and better prospects for the future.

What about the property on Lafayette Street?

The two-bedroom, two bathroom bachelor pad is not your stereotypical apartment and was actually designed by Evan Sopher’s interior designer friend Sasha Bikoff. How many friends do you have who would be able to design your property?

At the moment the property is full of grey, black and scarlet tones and with 1449 ft.² of floor space is more than enough for a bachelor. It is one of those properties which are striking but it will be fairly simple for the new buyer to place their own stamp on the place. One thing which does stand out is the large windows which offer an array of natural light and some beautiful views over the streets below.


At first glance it is difficult see everything which is in the bathroom but if you take a closer look you can see the black coloured sink unit, white tiled bath and the walk-in shower. As you might expect from a bachelor pad, there are also an array of mirrors for those who like to preen themselves after bathing. The bathroom itself looks fairly small but there is a surprising amount of space and everything is perfectly compact with plenty of storage facilities and power points.


Well, what can we say about the kitchen? It is heavily influenced by metallic decor, very much open plan with all of the mod cons you would expect. The breakfast bar/kitchen island is unique with a cheese grater like effect complemented by metallic style chairs. The main kitchen area is decked out in red and mirrored tiles. While it is the metallic design which catches your eye first, the use of red and mirrored tiles in the kitchen area is fairly striking to be honest.

Something different

We very much doubt that Evan Sopher buys and sells property on a whim but if he has spotted a better deal than his property on Lafayette Street then good luck to him. However, at $2.99 million we doubt he will have much difficulty liquidating this particular asset.

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