Shoe designer Patrick Cox selling up to move to Ibiza

Shoe designer Patrick Cox, famous for creating the 1990s loafers, has placed his West London bachelor pad on the market with an asking price of £2.8 million. We warn you now, this is not your stereotypical family home, this is not a property with multiple bedrooms but instead it is a “selfish” house just for one person. So, with the ultimate bachelor pad costing £2.8 million what can you expect?

Moving to Ibiza

Patrick Cox is moving to Ibiza with his two bulldogs Caesar and Brutus having made his millions and lived the life in London. It has to be said that he will be leaving behind the ultimate party house but then again he will be moving to the ultimate party island in Ibiza. One thing is certain, Patrick Cox will be leaving his mark on his four-storey semi-detached home in Maida Vale, West London.

Four bedrooms down to two

While many people look to maximise the number of bedrooms in their home, Patrick Cox has done exactly the opposite. As soon as he stepped foot in his dream home back in 2002 he halved the number of bedrooms from four down to 2. This allowed him to create the ultimate open plan property which now has one large room on each level and two bedrooms. Indeed the top floor is home to his 400 pairs of shoes and one of the largest walk-in wardrobes you will ever see – it covers the entire floor.

Minimalistic kitchen

While Patrick Cox may have a reputation as something of a party man he has only ever held six dinner parties in the 15 years he was in the property. As a consequence, the kitchen is parked in the basement in a corner of the large dining room. The room is used so sparingly that he has taken to storing his sketches of shoes in the kitchen which also doubles up as a makeshift design studio. So where does he eat?

What other surprises are there in the property?

Well, we know that celebrities do have a rather different taste in decor but a mirrored “disco loo” with full sound system installed – that is something very different. The main living area is huge but cluttered with lots of different styles of chairs, ornaments, books and everything you could ever think of hanging on the wall. This is not your stereotypical living room!

There is a very stylish marbled floor and marble table dining room which is absolutely huge. Like the minimalistic kitchen it seems as though this room has also been used for storing new shoe designs.

If you take a look at the property from the outside we can only imagine there must be an array of natural light through the many large windows. Indeed there is a patio style window moving into the back garden which has a stylish table and chair set for those long summer days.

We have just scraped the surface of the home of Patrick Cox and with a £2.8 million asking price there will be a lot of redesigning and redecorating for the new owner. Very few people have the same taste as Patrick Cox as any would-be buyers will see!

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