Rachel Bilson buys a $3.25 million gift for herself

After her recent split with Hayden Christensen it seems that Rachel Bilson has splashed out on a $3.25 million consolation prize. She has bought herself a mid-century mansion in Pasadena and while it has had its fair share of celebrity tenants over the years, it is a beauty. So, what do you get for $3.25 million in Pasadena?

Spacious and stylish

While you would expect a few bedrooms and bathrooms for a $3.25 million investment, in all honesty would you expect six bedrooms and four bathrooms? This is an extremely large house for one lady and her daughter!

Described as a “typical California mid-century fashion” the house is on one level. While it was originally designed back in 1950 it has been remodelled and restructured over the years. The property itself boasts 3678 ft.² of living space between the six bedrooms, four bathrooms, spacious family room and “resort style” backyard. This is perhaps the perfect property for a young family with floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring that Rachel Bilson can watch over her daughter wherever she is.

Something different

While the style is described as “typical” we can’t imagine there are many houses which offer the views and the comfort of Rachel Bilson’s new abode. Situated in the fashionable neighbourhood of Linda Vista, Pasadena aside from offering 3678 ft.² of living space the total square footage is a staggering 35,844. Yes, this is a nice house on a large piece of land!

The huge sliding glass doors open out onto the living area which looks over the rolling hills and nearby mountains. We can only imagine what it must be like, sitting back in the California sunshine, watching over the mountains and catching a few rays. Previous owners of this in demand property include Rose McGowan, Ginnifer Goodwin and Busy Philips to name but a few. To say this property has the celebrity seal of approval is an understatement.

Starting from scratch

We know from the sales images that the property is empty and Rachel Bilson would be starting from scratch. What hits you first is the massive amount of space within the property and the fact it is all on one level ensures that all space is maximised – no wastage with stairways and other traditional property necessities. The living rooms are huge, offering corner views right across the land, the kitchen is to the rear of the property stretching the full-length of the house and offering more than enough space to entertain your guests.

The decor throughout seems to be light brown styled flooring together with cream/white furniture and plenty of windows. The only change from this image is the bathrooms with one of them highlighted in the sales literature. The colouring is light pink on the furniture and marble tops to a relatively deep pink/orange tiling in the shower area. There are also mirrors aplenty to pamper yourself and, while not necessarily to everyone’s taste, it does the job for the bathroom.

Looking to the future

We can safely assume this property has undertaken a number of style/decor changes over the years as celebrities pass through with their different ideas and different thoughts. Whether Rachel Bilson will give the place a full refit or is happy to move in as it is remains to be seen. However, one thing that never changes is the exceptional views and the relaxing outside areas.

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