Cindy Crawford buys new Beverly Hills home

Super model Cindy Crawford, now in her 50s but you would never guess, has acquired an $11.625 million Beverly Hills home with her husband Randy Gerber. The property has been bought from Ryan Tedder, the front man from OneRepublic, and his wife Genevieve. Cindy Crawford and her husband have been extremely active in the real estate investment market for many years, having flipped a number of properties in recent times.

The history of the house

The property was once owned by Gregory Goodman, a well-known film producer, and Tedder together with the Alvarez Morris Architectural Studio worked to restore and expand the original property. It was built back in 1959 and with a new bedroom and family room added it now boasts a total of five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The home offers 5386 ft.² of living space which is more than enough for any celebrity couple!

Spacious and private

The property is extremely spacious with not only a large living space but also a very large garden and patio area. The house is gated for privacy and security and with trees surrounding the building that should keep away the prying eyes of the paparazzi. It has the stereotypical swimming pool, lounge area with beautiful views across Beverly Hills.

Living area

As is typical with this type of property, it is all open plan and extremely spacious. One of the main living areas has a central pillar with what looks like a wood-burning stove, wooden floor, high-end furniture and an array of sofas and chairs. The floor-to-ceiling windows, and French doors, allow you to look out over the swimming pool and catch the rays without actually leaving the property.

The decor throughout the house is light with an array of creams and different shades of brown. As we touched on above, the light wooden flooring creates an array of different contrast. The kitchen is absolutely huge and while we would say it had the stereotypical “kitchen island” this is marble and extremely high quality. Again, the open plan design of the property is prevalent throughout the kitchen with storage facilities as far as the eye can see and every piece of kitchen equipment and utensils you could ever need.


The bedrooms are adorned with a variety of wall decor, high-class furniture with an abundance of natural light via the floor-to-ceiling windows. The extended size of the bedrooms gives the impression that the furniture is relatively small but this is far from the truth. In reality you could fit two or three standard size bedrooms into the larger ones in the property.

There are more than enough bathrooms in this stylish property with marble finished walls and bench tops. With mirrors everywhere, an extremely large shower area and privacy curtains when required, it really has everything.

Other rooms

There are seating areas, chillout corners and an office together with an array of other rooms dotted around the property. It really is a maze of open plan, naturally lit and extremely comfortable and stylish rooms. While the restoration has added other elements such as a three car garage you can see the old style of the original property. Whether Cindy Crawford will be looking to flip this property in the short term or make it one of her many homes remains to be seen.

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