Property investor looking to flip former home of John Legend

Often described as “one of Hollywood’s most glamorous power couples”, the singer John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen have always had great taste in real estate. When their former home came up for sale again it certainly caught the attention of real estate enthusiasts. Situated in Los Angeles this property has been praised by Oprah Winfrey and featured in the Architectural Digest. So, would you like to peek into the former world of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen?

Overlooking the Hollywood Hills

The property was originally built back in 1961 and boasts 2200 ft.² of floor space which is not extreme but it depends what you do with it. Even the quickest of glimpses at the living room area shows you that it is all open plan, not cluttered with furniture and in this particular room the patio opens up to a wooden decking area with views of the Hollywood Hills. This is what you pay for in the world of celebrity real estate but many have been surprised by the sudden jump in the value of the property.

The celebrity couple sold their home back in 2014 for a price of £1.57 million although today it is back on the market at £1.96 million. There is a potential profit of just under £400,000 over a three-year period – not bad going by any stretch of the imagination!

Relaxing feel

If you get a chance to look at images of the property you will see the very heavy wooden influence in tables, chairs and kitchen furniture. The kitchen area is open plan with the stereotypical kitchen island and the wooden storage areas are complemented by stainless steel top of the range equipment. There is a dining table to the right and an area in which to relax with what looks to be an inset fire.

One thing which will probably catch your attention is the outdoor spa which has its own stone bathtub. This really is a sight to behold and something different from your stereotypical ensuite bathroom!

Recording studio

As you might have guessed, from a world renowned singer, the property also has its own recording studio. You might wonder why a new buyer would have acquired a property with a recording studio, but what a selling point, the recording studio of John Legend!

Rustic feel

The main bedroom area is a rather large high ceilinged affair with appropriately placed windows to bring natural light into the room. Like so much of the property it looks rather sparse but there is more than enough furniture required for the bedroom and other rooms. This rustic airy feel gives an image of bygone years while the modern design and layout give a refreshing open plan feel.

We can safely assume that the celebrity couple will have entertained some renowned guests over the years and it is no surprise to see an array of areas to relax and entertain more formal affairs. If there was one word to sum of this property it will be homely – in a positive way. It looks homely, it feels homely and it does make you wonder why they ever gave up this property and the wonderful views over the Hollywood Hills?

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