OJ Simpson’s former home back on the market

OJ Simpson has just won parole after serving nine years of a maximum 33 year sentence which he received for armed robbery. It is believed he will be leaving prison in October. As he looks forward to his freedom he might be interested to know that his former home is on the market with an asking price just under $1.3 million. It is unclear exactly what state OJ Simpson’s finances are in at the moment and whether he could afford this property but this is a man who was been through the ringer and does not have to go far to court controversy.

9450 Southwest, 112th Street, Miami

While the official address of OJ Simpson’s former abode is 9450 Southwest, 112th Street, Miami viewings are not open to the general public and need to be organised in advance. The property has been on the market for over 200 days and while it was built back in 1953 it has undergone significant renovations in recent times. As it stands today there are four bedrooms and four bathrooms with a remodelled porch and swimming pool and a brand-new kitchen. There is also a separate guesthouse for visitors who like a little more privacy and at 1.65 acres it is certainly a decent plot (the living space footage is 4148).

Property foreclosure

Many people will be aware that OJ Simpson, now aged a surprising 70, acquired this property back in 2000 for a price of $575,000. He lived there with his two children until he was convicted of armed robbery in a bungled attempt to take back sports memorabilia from dealers in Las Vegas. Due to his financial circumstances he was forced to stop mortgage payments on the property back in 2010 and it was sold in 2013 at a knockdown $655,000.

The fact that seven years later the property is for sale at just under $1.3 million would suggest that the $655,000 price was well below the market value. However, did the shadow of OJ Simpson impact the price in a positive or negative manner?

Invest to sell

The official owner of the property at the moment is Southern Farmers Int USA Inc which would appear to be an investment vehicle. Originally the property was listed for $1.42 million but this has since been reduced to $1.2999 million despite the fact it has been renovated and remodelled. Opinion is divided as to whether the forthcoming release of OJ Simpson and his recent media exposure is good or bad for the sale of his former home. Is it too notorious for anybody to touch or is the celebrity status of OJ Simpson still intact?

Beautiful views

It is a shame that the property has been overshadowed by its former owner because the site has tremendous views and has been renovated to a very high standard within. The new kitchen is exquisite, with white storage facilities and stainless steel equipment giving a very clean and a very sharp look. The property is unfurnished and would therefore make a perfect acquisition for someone looking to put their own stamp on a new home. However, will the stigma of OJ Simpson ever leave this property?

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