Norm Crosby banks a tidy profit on Hollywood Hills West home

Comedian Norm Crosby has sold his Hollywood Hills West home for $5.425 million which is a massive gain on the $89,500 purchase price in 1968. Even accounting for inflation this has proven to be an extremely lucrative investment for the comedian best known as the Master of Malaprop which is a skill of mangling the English language. So, what did the lucky buyer get when acquiring Norm Crosby’s Hollywood Hills West home?

The basic stats

Described as a “sprawling single-story house”, this property sits on half an acre of land taking in views of downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean. While acquired by Norm Crosby in 1968 the property was actually built in 1954 and is described as a “celebrity owned time capsule”.

Before we look at the property in more detail it is worth noting that the 5516 ft.² of interior space take in a living room, formal dining room, six bedrooms and six bathrooms together with “a den”. We’re not quite sure what the “den” entails but the property also has sliding doors from the dining room and games rooms which open up into the backyard.

Beautiful sprawling property

This may be a single story property but it is situated in a position which takes in stunning views. As you look from the outside, the property looks perfectly proportioned, is protected somewhat by large hedgerows with sprawling trees in the background. The aerial view shows the make-up of the property and the stereotypical backyard swimming pool.

Living room

Once you check out the living room you will understand why this is described as a “celebrity time capsule” with an old world style living room with perfectly matching chairs, furniture and wall colourings. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow in an array of light and it is not difficult to see why the new owner was taken by this particular property.

Games room

There are a number of games rooms in the property one of which houses a beige coloured pool table which fits perfectly with the decor colours. There are cues aplenty hanging from the wall as well as what look like images of the man himself in his many different guises. Again, there are floor to ceiling windows which go perfectly with the open plan design of the property.

There is also an old style bar with high reaching barstools and an array of chairs on which to relax. While this particular room looks a little more cluttered we can imagine there have been some great parties in times gone by. It is interesting to see that while the decor of some rooms is very different they are all connected by a kind of light beige/cream decor colouring which is prominent throughout.

Beautiful old style kitchen

The kitchen is a lot larger than what we see in many celebrity properties offering an array of cupboard space, the latest kitchen equipment, more than enough space to cook your specialities as well as the traditional central island. The worktops appear to be of a tiled nature which is different but certainly eye-catching and fit perfectly with the style of this different but classic kitchen.

Classy bedrooms

The bedrooms throughout the property are decorated in a classic yet stylish fashion. We can see what appear to be walk in wardrobes as well as ensuite bathrooms which are just perfect when you have guests. Norm Crosby would have found difficulty saying goodbye to his six bedroom six bathroom stylish and homely property. Whoever bought the house has certainly bought something very special.

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