Minnie Driver brings English culture to the Hollywood Hills

Award-winning actress Minnie Driver is often mistaken as an American when in fact she was born in England and is very proud of her roots. She has lived in Los Angeles for many years now and when she recently sold her “big old Spanish-style house in the hills” to buy a 1940s ranch house in the Hollywood Hills it looked like she was settling down to later life. However, Minnie Driver made it her mission in life to bring some good old fashioned English culture to her new property. In the process she found a designer who had lived a life miraculously similar to her!

Moving after 18 years

Moving to a smaller property after 18 years living in the “big old Spanish style house in the hills” must have been something of a wrench for Minnie Driver. The new property in the Hollywood Hills was smaller in full square footage but had a larger garden and a swimming pool. Despite the fact that Minnie Driver seems to have been around for many years she is still as popular and as busy as ever. When filming of the ABC comedy series Speechless began it became obvious she would not have time to take a hands-on approach to her new abode.

Encouraged by her English interior designer mother Gaynor Churchward she began to look through a whole host of interior design books in search of the ultimate idea. Ironically it turned out that everything designed by Peter Dunham caught her attention and she contacted him directly. As they say, the rest is history!

Kindred spirits

The actress and Peter Dunham are kindred spirits with the same ideas on designs and exporting the English culture to the hills of Hollywood. You only need to look at the front door of the house to see the immediate connection with the English culture. The design is simple, relaxing and you will need to navigate through some floral tributes as you approach the property. Before you have even entered Minnie Driver’s home you feel relaxed.


The garden is a sight to behold with a stylish gazebo which even has English style lighting not to mention the table which seems to be set for afternoon tea. This scene could have been set from years ago when the British owned plantations in countries such as India and lived the life of royalty. Even down to the simple yet stylish chairs you cannot escape the English culture and the English feel to this garden.

Living room

The living room is awash with different colours, an array of different furniture and many accessories. Again, these kindred spirits have managed to capture an old style yet modern look English living room and brought it all the way to Hollywood. The large windows ensure more than enough light enters the room giving an airy and relaxing feel. We can just imagine whiling away the hours on the plush sofa and the relaxing chairs. Perfect!


The wicker bed headboard certainly sets the tone for this exquisitely styled room. This could be a throwback to the days of the Indian Raj with dark yet eye-catching colours, an array of reading material and a chaise longue. This is just a glimpse into the life of Minnie Driver and her obvious long-term affection with English culture and English designs. She may often be mistaken for an American but there is no doubt that the award-winning actress appreciates her heritage and home country culture.

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