Nevada’s Shakespeare ranch for sale

The beautifully named Shakespeare ranch in Nevada is up for sale for just the third time in its history with an asking price of $53.2 million. Over the years this has been one of the strongest celebrity magnets boasting visitors from Lionel Richie to Jay Leno as well as politicians and financiers. Situated on the shores of Lake Tahoe in Nevada it is not difficult to see why celebrities have fallen in love with this property and why the $53.2 million asking price is unlikely to be a problem.

What do you get for $53.2 million?

Well, where do we start? This is a 134 acre compound which boasts an impressive seven houses which between them offer 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. It is also the venue for the famous annual Glenbrook Rodeo which sees US celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse serving up the nights delicacies. When we tell you the barn is 5111 ft.² you might begin to understand why the property is priced in the higher echelons.

View across the lake

The Shakespeare ranch comes with 200 feet of lake-frontage looking across Lake Tahoe which offers beautiful views. There is access to a community peer which has its own boat lift, very useful for many of the rich and famous who enjoy the finer things in life.

The property also has its own grand pool house, indoor swimming pool, steam-spa, exquisite fireside dining area not to mention a gym, office suite and outdoor spa. The buildings on the ranch obviously take in a wooden style, blending with the area, with an extremely high class finish. It is not difficult to see why Shakespeare ranch has been extremely popular in years gone by and will continue to be so for many years to come.


Like so many large property developments the Shakespeare ranch has a history which goes back to 1861 and as we mentioned above this is only the third time it has ever come up for sale. Those of you wondering why the name Shakespeare was chosen may be intrigued to learn that according to legend it came from a rocky outcrop which the early settlers believed resembled the famous Bard. Even the building names have an area of theatre about them with names such as “To Be, Not to Be” and “King Lear” to name but two.

It is also interesting to learn that there are grandfather entitlements with the Shakespeare ranch because while horses are no longer allowed on private property in Lake Tahoe there is an exemption for the Shakespeare ranch. This is something enshrined in history and adds a little bit more character to the property.

Living with nature

The area, the views and the privacy all come together to offer the perfect blend for celebrities and investors looking for that perfect hideaway. The clear blue waters of the lake, the thick pine forest and the snowcapped mountains in the background offer views which will take your breath away. While a $53.2 million asking price may be out of the reach of many investors it is unlikely that this “one-off” opportunity has not yet hit the radar of many celebrity investors and those looking at commercial opportunities. Watch this space.

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