Former Hilary Swank property back on the market

The townhouse at 33 Charles Street in the West Village, New York is back on the market having been previously owned by Millionaire Dollar Baby actress Hilary Swank. She acquired the property with her then husband Chad Lowe back in 2002 for a price of $3.2 million and then decided to sell it on in 2007 at healthy profit with an asking price of $7.05 million. However, the property is now on the market again at a staggering $12 million!

Basic stats

Aside from the staggering jump in the asking price since 2002 there is much to learn about this townhouse property. While the current decor and look of the property offer a modern feel the property was actually built back in 1899. It has 3336 ft.² of floor space which covers a staggering five separate floors. Aside from that there are three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, three walk-in closets, a library and a temperature controlled wine cellar!


The kitchen is set out in a very eye-catching cream/brown decor and the open plan nature of the property ensures that the kitchen follows on into the dining area. Like most of the rooms in the property there is an old style fireplace as well as the latest mod cons and the stereotypical kitchen island. It is not difficult to tell that the equipment in the kitchen is expensive as is the kitchen unit itself. Light, airy with all the mod cons you would expect and more – it sounds just the ticket?


The ensuite bathrooms are a very stylish affair with the current owners going for an old world look with old style bathtub and minimalistic furniture. What is intriguing is the mirrored wall which makes the bathroom look larger than it actually is. There is a shower area and an abundance of natural light with plenty of space to get ready in the morning or for that special occasion.

Walk-in wardrobes

As we touched on above, at the moment there are three walk-in wardrobes with shelving and racking right up to the ceiling. The average person would struggle to fill one of these walk-in wardrobes but we suppose celebrities, who may be interested in the property, would probably have more than enough outfits to fill all three. The walk-in wardrobes themselves are fairly tight and narrow but surely it is just simply a case of walking in, grabbing your clothing and shoes and you are off?

Living room

There are a number of relaxation/living rooms in the property all of which offer a different type of atmosphere. The main living area opens out onto a terrace which will be perfect in the summertime when hosting a party. Like other rooms there is a brown/cream decor style which makes the place look warmly yet airy.


The bedrooms are a good size and the large windows offer an array of natural lighting. As with the majority of rooms in the property, there is a focal fireplace which is complemented by a large mirror. The furniture in the bedrooms is minimalistic to say the least but it is still a stylish, airy and spacious room.

We can only assume there must be significant demand for this type of property when you bear in mind the price rise over the last decade or so!

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