Nancy O’Dell sells Pasadena mansion for $7 million

She may be best known for her roles in “Access Hollywood” and “Entertainment Tonight” but Nancy O’Dell is no slouch when it comes to real estate investment. The young looking 51-year-old has just sold her Pasadena mansion was $7 million, a property which she purchased back in 2007 for $5.4 million. While this may seem like a relatively small increase over a decade, it is worth reminding ourselves that that decade also takes in the collapse of the US sub-prime mortgage market and resulting worldwide economic downturn.

A little bit of background

Described as a Mediterranean revival mansion, the 8926 ft.² home was only on the market for a month when a bid of just over $7 million was received. When you bear in mind the difficulty some celebrities are having in selling their property, this certainly was a result!

The property itself was built back in 1931 by Wallace Neff, a well-known architect at the time. As you can imagine, a modern day property in 1931 is very different to a modern day property today. As a result, there have been some significant restorations over the years so the property now incorporates the latest modern amenities while also retaining the character of 1931.

What do you get for $7 million?

First of all, the property has six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms (we can never understand the 0.5 bathroom bit!) with an array of highlights including custom-made wrought iron, Spanish tiles and exposed beam ceilings which all add to the character. The outside view of the property is absolutely breathtaking with immaculate gardens, a stone clad turning circle and palm trees. What more could you ask for, before you even enter the property?

As you walk into the property you will see the start of an array of wrought iron decor up the stairways. One thing which will strike you as you walk into the property is the way in which the open plan design flows from room to room. For example the large living room flows into the dining room which flows into the chef’s kitchen and prep area. It is this aspect of the design which makes the property feel so large inside. Nancy O’Dell, surely you will miss this property?

Games area

The sales literature includes perhaps one of the most decorative and stylish pool halls which you could ever hope to visit. The dark wooden floor complements the beige coloured table which are both set off by the red walls and the red curtain not to mention the exposed brickwork. In the corner there are two large comfortable chairs which face onto some kind of large TV or entertainment area.


The second floor bedrooms offer some amazing views over the well-groomed garden, plenty of windows for natural light and a decor which takes in a dark brown wooden floor with an array of whites, creams and light brown furniture. The master bedroom looks extremely comfortable; fireplace looks enticing and while there is a lot of furniture and fittings there is more than enough space to get around.

If we then move onto the ensuite bathroom this looks like something out of an Egyptian royal household. Pillars, a large bath, cream decor and a large mirror are four of the more eye-catching elements of the bathroom but in reality it is beautifully set out and extremely spacious. It must be extremely easy to drift away when laying in the large curved bath. Nancy O’Dell, some lucky person has acquired a beautiful home!

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