NBA star Monta Ellis looking to sell his Mississippi home

Monta Ellis is seen as one of the up and coming stars of the NBA and he will be hoping his fame assists in selling his Mississippi home second time round. The property is situated just 20 miles from where Monta Ellis grew up, spread across six acres of Mississippi wilderness. Records show that the property was initially listed back in 2009 for $890,000 and then relisted this year for $850,000. So, while some experts believe the property is now a “steal” what exactly should potential buyers expect from the property?

Flora, Mississippi

The fact that the property has been relisted after eight years may or may not suggest there has been little interest during that time. It is easy to drift away from the facts and figures but let us not forget this is a 6300 ft.² property with six bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It’s part of a gated community offering privacy and security in equal measures. Indeed the second floor of the property offers a beautiful view right across the Highlands community as well as the surrounding lakes which will be a magnetic pull for fishermen in a similar fashion to Ellis.

Inside Monta Ellis’s home

It is difficult to know where to start with this property but what you can see is that it is spacious and well decorated, and offers a number of different decor styles throughout. The family room is a collection of wooden furniture, comfortable chairs, tiled floor and an exposed brick wall which gives you a little bit of everything. There is also a larger than normal fireplace, ceiling fan for those hot summer days and plenty of room.

Games room

What NBA star home would be complete without its very own games room? Well, thankfully Monta Ellis has his owned personal games room which is dominated by a pool table and what looks like a poker table. We can see the room also has its own music system so you can pump out those beats playing pool, playing poker or just relaxing.


The open plan kitchen has a formal dining area and an old-style kitchen design with dark wooden decor. Even the quickest of glimpses at the kitchen shows something which is extremely spacious, comes with a breakfast bar, utensils aplenty and storage facilities that would make Gordon Ramsay weep. This area is subtly separated from the rest of the open plan lower floor.

Swimming pool and lakeside view

As we touched on above, the home of Monta Ellis would likely make a tidy investment for a fishing fan. There is a stylish outdoor swimming pool, with smaller sitting pool, and then we have the lakeside deck which offers tremendous views over the waters.


As if this was not enough, the property also has a screened porch, exercise room, upstairs media room, playroom and office. We then have a large laundry room just off the third garage/pool area which is also equipped with shower facilities.

When you look at this property, available for just $850,000, compared to some of the other properties we have seen of late, it must surely offer terrific value? A reduction of $40,000 over the last eight years would seem to go against the market trend but this is a crazy real estate market at the moment.

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