Motherhood prompts Serena Williams real estate shakeup

Serena Williams has been at the top of the tennis game for many years but it seems that the recent birth of her first child has prompted a shakeup of her real estate assets. There are rumours and counter rumours surrounding possible real estate transactions but what seems certain is that the Williams family are on the move!

New property in Beverly Hills

While nothing has yet been officially confirmed, official trust documentation shows that a recent listing and a recent real estate purchase have been carried out by the same financial trust. It is believed that Serena Williams and her partner, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit fame, are behind this trust with their Bel-Air property listed at $12 million at the same time as the trust paid $6.68 million for a brand-new five bedroom home in Beverly Hills, California.

Recent acquisition

We know that the brand-new five bedroom home in Beverly Hills, California is a three story building set on a quarter acre of land. It has immaculate views of the city and the valley and the open floor plan makes the property look huge.

Apparently some of the highlights include a white kitchen with the stereotypical kitchen island but this is made of black stone with white veins. The master bathroom has a similar colour scheme with black cabinets topped with white stone although it is the backyard which will probably grab most attention, consisting of a small grass area with a super-sized swimming pool.

Bel-Air property

Situated in the Stone Canyon area, Serena Williams’ Bel-Air mansion offers 6101 ft.² of living space and six bedrooms spread across a 2.7 acre plot. Interestingly, for a fitness fanatic, there is privacy and security with surrounding trees and the well-tended gardens lead on to an array of private hiking trails. This kind of exercise is probably a little too soon for the new addition to the Williams family hence the decision to downsize?

The sales literature also highlights many other characteristics of the property including the powder blue house, three car garage connected to the main property as well as a semicircular living room. The formal dining area opens up onto a spacious patio and the kitchen has cherry coloured cabinets and marble counters. The master bedroom has its own Juliet balcony and an ensuite bathroom with a clawfoot tub and steam shower.

It will come as no surprise to learn there is a large exercise room on the main floor with a mirrored wall together with a large backyard swimming pool with an open pavilion and outdoor fireplace. Perfect when catching some rest between tournaments!

Awaiting confirmation

The official trust documentation regarding the listing of the Bel-Air property and the purchase of the Beverly Hills new build certainly points towards Serena Williams shuffling her real estate pack. We will no doubt find out in due course whether this is the case and if the $12 million asking price for the Bel-Air property is achieved.

Why are so many celebrities shuffling their real estate packs at the moment? While some are upsizing, we have certainly seen many celebrities downsizing their large abodes.

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