Matthew Perry’s Hollywood Hills bachelor pad up for sale

Friends superstar Matthew Perry has put his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad up for sale with an asking price of $13.5 million. Situated at 9010 Hopen Place, Los Angeles this has to be one of the most stunning properties we have covered to date. While the $13.5 million asking price may seem a little top-heavy to some people you only need to check out the priceless views over the city and through to the Pacific Ocean to see why the area is much sought after.

The basics of Matthew Perry’s pad

In terms of beds and bathrooms there are bigger properties but three beds and five bathrooms with 3821 ft.² of living space (although the full lot is a staggering 10,454 ft.²) in this area of town is expensive. This Sunset Strip estate is designed around the Case Study Houses which many believe had a massive impact upon midcentury architecture. It was built back in 1962 although you would never guess it!

Fire pits and an infinity pool

There is nothing more eye-catching than an infinity pool with a cascading wall of water but this one is also complemented by an array of fire pits. Looking across the pool is like looking over the edge of the world with breathtaking views across downtown Los Angeles to Century City and right through to the Pacific Ocean. While Matthew Perry had a reputation as something of a party animal in his early days you could literally sit by the pool and gaze at these breathtaking views forever and a day.

Indoor gardens

The design of the property, the materials used and the open plan structure is extremely environmentally friendly. When you add to this an array of indoor gardens dotted around the property it begins to take on a life of its own. These indoor gardens are also complemented by glass walls which ensure that they are visible from any angle.

Living area

In what seems to be the fashion across the celebrity world, wood floors are the name of the game in Matthew Perry’s Hollywood Hills bachelor pad. The living area has a large corner sofa, beautiful contemporary glass table and enormous double doors which open out onto the fire pit strewn patio area.

Master bedroom

The first thing you notice about the master bedroom suite is the lack of brickwork with glass walls encompassing the room. This makes the fairly large bed seem relatively small as does the extremely limited bedroom furniture which seems to take in just a table and chair. The ensuite bathroom has a vintage white marble bath with a wet room area and again there is plenty of shrubbery on display just outside the glass walls.

Cinema room

There appears to be a cinema room which is hidden below the main floor of the property and adjacent to the infinity pool. This gives the eerie aura of a sea life world while relaxing watching the movies under the star effect ceiling. While this particular room feels like an added addition it will certainly grab the attention of would-be buyers!

Have you seen any better properties?

As we said earlier, we have covered a number of properties over the last few weeks but none offer the same views and design features as Matthew Perry’s Hollywood Hills mansion. It is eye-catching yet subtle, environmentally friendly yet modern and the cinema room located adjacent to the infinity pool is a marvellous finishing touch.

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