Dean Martin’s former home yours for $27.95 million

Dean Martin was one of the original Rat Pack and while his Beverly Hills estate reflects a part of his life which was extremely difficult, it still has significant celebrity appeal. The property was acquired back in 1988 and was his bachelor pad (until his death in 1995) after three failed marriages and the sudden death of his son Dean Paul. The air plane crash which resulted in the death of Dean Paul saw Dean Martin slip into a depression from which even his closest friends such as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr could not save him. He has left a legacy but after some recent redevelopment what do you get for $27.95 million?

The basics

Described as a modern mansion, it boasts 10,047 ft.² of living space and houses five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and three garages. This is not your stereotypical flashy mansion although there are a number of luxuries such as the moat which will stand out on your way up the entrance walkway.

Entering the property Dean Martin once owned

When you get to the entrance you will be hit with a large walnut pivoting front door which leads into an elegant dining room on both sides together with a temperature controlled wine cellar. This is where luxury starts to kick-in as the wine cellar is enclosed within a glass wall so that all 450 bottles are on display. That must be some sight!

The gallery

The gallery is the main area of the property with an array of natural light beamed in through the focal skylights. The more recent owner of the property has on display a beautiful art collection and yet again there are motorised glass walls at the end of the open plan living area. These glass walls open up the property with a dining/lounge area and a fully functional outdoor kitchen.


As you would expect from a property such as this, we have both an indoor and an outdoor bar both of which are able to seat well over 100 people. There are also expansive living and dining areas with an array of seats for those looking to take the weight off their feet. The open plan nature of the entertainment area is eye-catching but this property also hides an array of rooms and areas of the house where privacy is available.

To rent or buy

While we covered the asking price of $27.95 million earlier you can also rent the property for a mere $125,000 per month. This is a property which holds many secrets, many troubled times and many times of fun and laughter. It is heartbreaking that Dean Martin moved into the property just after the tragic death of his son.

The legacy of Dean Martin lives on but the property itself was renovated back in 2014 although much of the old style and character was maintained within a 21st century style wrapper. The ability to bring together high quality products such as marble while also maintaining the life and soul of the Dean Martin era cannot have been easy. It may be time for the latest owner to bid farewell to the property but he has certainly left many points of discussion!

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